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Dedicated to the love-loving souls of Param Pita Parmatma

                  Dear readers, in this article we are describing some of the spiritual experiences of our life as words. It excludes worldly things and mentions spiritual journeys. To fulfill the real purpose of human life, it is very difficult to describe the horoscope of Param Pita Parmatma in love of God. But our effort to change is also a dedication to this article. From the beginning of the process in this article, a few experiments have been made to reach the spiritual phases and to reach Sachkhand. After walking on the path taught by the guru, after becoming a true believer after worshiping the Guru, the word “Sachkhand can be found and the Darshan of the Param Pita Parmatma (universe power).

The real purpose of human beings is to meet the human life after a long time after transferring eight million species of cigarettes to the soul. Those spirits who have little devotion and good deeds again get a human life. Mokasha who have received moksha come to earth by taking Avatar from time to time with the supreme Father God’s command and do the work of distributing knowledge of spirituality. As

The real purpose of human life is to worship the Param Pita Parmatma, to be able to see and absorb in Sachi Khand, Nauri Swaroop (image). In the human life, unbelieving souls fall into the cycle of birth and death of eightyenth births, which takes many thousands of years of enjoyment. Moksha can be obtained by good deeds and by devotional worship, with whom we can be free from the cycle of birth and death. Every religion testifies that the real purpose of human life is to recognize and absorb the Jyot. 

Need of guru-

                  The need of the Guru starts the work of bringing light in all kinds of journey from spirituality and darkness to spirituality, which is aware of all the ways of reaching Param Pita Parmatma and being absorbed in the Jyot. The obstacles coming to the seeker to reach Param Pita Parmatma leads to the door of Sachkhand while protecting the lords, attachments, and pride Ridhis and Sidhis from the Sidhis. The True Word of the Guru is the word, it never perishes. 

Contact of brain with soul-

                  The brain and brain contact is the brain in the human body that feels and saves the senses given by other sensory organs. You can re-retain any indication if needed. With proper contact of mind and spirit, we can feel every spiritual process of the soul. In the event of no contact with the
soul and brain the soul processes, but the brain does not record it. When the mind and the soul become concentrated during the Sadhna, the third eye is opened. Which makes knowledge of Khand Brahmand.


discovery of universal energy-

                  By continuing to practice the discovery of the light, when our focus starts to concentrate, we feel very proud of our body. The thoughts going on in the brain have ended slowly-slowly. The third eye is in the middle of both eyes and on the nose, it displays a light. As 

It is also called divine energy. This illumination does not prove directly to the person who has the perfect Guru, first comes to the Gurū and then the Guru puts it on his head. This light is absorbed in the practitioner’s body. This positive energy gives physical and mental satisfaction to the seeker.as-





When a person worships without a Guru, the light of the moon emerges directly from him. It is very difficult to bear this energy directly without the gurus. As a result, the mental balance of the facilitator can also worsen. Every religion testifies that without the complete Guru, it is very difficult to find Param Pita Parmatma.

The Spirit attracts the Light –

                  The Spirit that walks on the spiritual path needs development. Just as the soul absorbs light from itself. So the  body soul’s ura grow  and the golden ball increase shine.As-

Going to Prakash-

                   When the ura begins to grow, the light coming from the sky attempts to get the soul into the ray. As

The soul is seen in the path of a sadhu in that path. The attraction attracts the spirit of this great white cloth, white beard and neural face. It seems that all the light is coming from a Sadhu, but in reality the Sadhu is doing his duty. This light comes from the light. The work of this great person is to welcome every soul headed towards Sach Khand and to help him move forward by showing him the way. Sadhu tells the soul that his place is in the Sach Khand, not on the Matlok. As

Fly the soul into the universe-

                   After the completion of the body’s energy of the soul, the soul comes out of the body and starts flying in the universe. The river flown in the Brahmand perceives the waters of nature experiencing water from forests, mountains, and mesmerizes the nature of the doer. As

Dripping the energy from them goes further towards their destination. With this energetic power the soul sets its own journey stronger.

The soul begins to have spiritual experiences based on the deeds of past lives and devotion to the worship of God. In the spiritual path, there are the gurus, the saints, the saints, the deities of the deities, and the darshan of every religious place. In this journey, very attractive voices, echoes of words etc. are heard from sweet sorrows. All these things are seen by the Spirit in the universe. As


Atama with guru-

                   He is the true companion of the Guru with the help of the perfect Guru, who eliminates all the troubles coming on the way. Every path of the soul leads to Darshan. In the path of Spiritual journey in the heavens, very big spirits look like the peaks of the mountains which appear to be falling in the gurus.

For the understanding of the human brain, mountains are symbolized by objects of modern age. Likewise, the soul moves towards its destination by passing through the paths created by the guru.

Atama seen earth on sky-

                   Aries The Glance of the Earth Normal human beings always look up on the lips and the practicing souls look upwards. While attracting the Brahmand, the following attraction of the soul, enjoying the beautiful scenes of nature, sets out the path to Sach Khand. Never do such a thing to a human physically. It was seen that the area of ​​the Brahmanth is very large and the earth itself is a small part of the snow.

Darshan of Shivling-

                   Darshan of Shivling recruits the true food of the soul in the love of Param Atma Pita Parmatma. By continuing to practice continuously, the soul becomes powerful and the power to separate from the body. When the soul separates from the body and reaches the Brahmand, then the soul has a vision of siving. The Guru is with the soul. During shivlog Darshan one of the molasses comes from Shivling and falls on the neck of the soul. This is the girl of a spiritual vowel.As

5 Elements in human body-

                   It is very clear in every religion that it is made up of five elements. It is entirely true that the human body is a combination of five elements. The complete body is created by fire, water, soil, air and sky.The soul separates the four elements from us. All the elements appear in their own place by doing meditation. 

The water element appears as it goes towards the river in the form of a snake, and the Slowy-Slowy makes a feel of Human being absorbed in water. As it is

The fire element is burning in a snake variant. It looks like entering the fire. As it is

The Soil element appears as a snake in the earth. As it is


Looking at the wind’s symbolic element, it is absorbed into the air when looking at it. As
it is

After leaving these four elements, the sky appears to be contained in the sky.As it is



                   In the path of spirituality, a tree is experienced on this sergeant in Trikuti. It has three stages. There is a vision of an illuminated Jyot in this center of the tip. This wonderful combination is the symbol of the third eye.

From this tree, that is the meaning of the human body and the Jyot, the soul. Then there is something like this that the chopped half of the body is flying over the ups and downs. This proves that the soul is now able to get out of the body. The soul goes from spiritual circles to Sach Khand. The extreme part of the body-like tree reaches Sunn Samadhi.

The energy cycle-

                   There is a variety of different spiritual experiences through continuous practice of the seeker seated in the worship of Param Pita Parmeshwar. Spiritual power in the body through the wheel of the seeker, which becomes a cycle of energy around the body. This energy is full of every satisfaction of the body, so that the speed of the physical processes slows down. Experience is such that the soul sits on a circle. This cycle is actually an emblem of energy in the development. Energy is so much that the entire world appears to be small in the human soul. By which the desire of the soul can be seen by any great person.


While worshiping, a horse appears in the next stage, which looks like running in the wind without a hitch.


That horse is a mind and the soul is seen empty. Soon after, it appears that the saddle on the horse is sitting on the saddle.


In reality, this horse is a heart-shaped heart and symbolizes the soul sitting on it. The soul, which is devoted to devotion, manages the horse in the mind. The ability to control the mind is a great achievement of the soul. Likewise, Gur Ganthu is also recorded in Gurbani, “Manu Jeete Jag Jeetu.”

Kunda bathing-
                     It is necessary for every soul to bath the soul for the purification of the soul. The Spiritual journey of each soul going to Sach Khand and meet with a great soul. They serve every soul very respectfully on a flat made of banana leaves and bath in the amrit. The action of this holy person is purified by bathing each and every soul, further to the path of Sach Khand. In this universe only our earth the real and pure amrit is present at amritsar city in Golden temple in INDIA.

Relation b\w Guru Shish-
                     The soul related to the Guru Shish is experienced by many countless wells in spiritual journey. In this experience, the soul sees that water is coming out of all the wells and they are going on automatically. A well of water is running in the other well, another well in the third, and the third well water flows in front of the fire. In fact, the water of these wells is related to the relationship between the Guru Shish which has been running from 2nd to 2nd day and will continue to run. It is by this method that Guru education from the beginning of this creation, created by Param Pita Pita Parmatma, is coming.


IN Human being 112 internal and 2 external  chakra are present.Total 114 chakra are mainly divide into 7 main chakra.

7 charkra are: 









                     This chakra help to excertion the body waste. BAWASIR and CONSTIPATION Diseases are cause by unbalance of this chakra.



                     The new genration of human being is formed by this chakra. The new genration highly effected by unbalance of this chakra.


                     This chakra is suitated on abdomenal portion of body. Here is AMRIT. A person who open this chakra,Person manner are totaly changed.


                     This chakra is suitated in position of heart. The human soul(ATAMA)is always live on this chakra.


                     This chakra produce multiple voice or sound. Some Thorad diseases are cause by unbalance of this chakra.


                     A person who absorb large amount of energy in body. This person have already open this chakra. We can know all the imformation about universe.This chakra never unbalance and common person can’t open this chakra.


                     This chakra absorb the natural energy and enter in body. Headache and Tension are caused by unbalance of this chakra.

NOTE-Common people can not open their Third eye because To open the Third eye we need positive energy. According to Mahapursh, In our body the place of third eye a small vein is present. It’s size is 1000 times small then a human hair. It can’t be seen by CT scans and MRI scans. The vein increase it’s size with the help of positive energy. When vein’s size is large then automatically The third eye human being open.

Dancing on the head of a snake-

                  The soul dances above the head of a seven-headed nag. The seven-headed of this Nag are symbols of seven chakra in the human body. This situation means that the soul has taken complete control over seven charkra.


            Mukti comes from this stage and the spirit experiences such a feeling as the soul has reached a very high peak or a peak that is the highest of the universe. Here the soul is heard in the sky from the sky, the number of tiles and various types of uncultured sounds.

By reaching this achievement the soul surpasses the deeds of its sinful sin. We can also call this situation as a Mukti achievement. After this the soul is immaculate from the cycle of birth and death of chursi.


                                            Khand is ahead of the universe, of Sach Khand. Sachkhand is considered the home of Param Pita Parmatma. By reaching here, the real purpose of life is fulfilled. Man can reach Sachkhand in spiritual form after living and death according to his deeds and devotional worship.


As the soul of the person sitting in the Sadhna, when the Khands reach the door of Sachkhand after the sights of the Brahamand, then the ornaments stand on the wall on either side of the door. The soul waits for its turn. The door opens when the trumpet sounds through oranges and the soul enters the realm of Sach Khand. Upon arrival in Sachkhand, to welcome the soul. The gods come with a palanquin, without which the whole soul is carried across the whole of Sach Khand.


After this the soul is taken near a fire pit. The soul pours some material into that fire pit. Which creates a wonderful type of fragrance. After this supreme achievement, the soul returns to its physical body from the spiritual journey of Sach Khand. Even after returning to the human body of the soul, he comes from the heart of a kind of natural body which can not be found anywhere else on earth. Experiences of the whole of the great saints who have achieved Sachkhand, can also be done for them.


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