5 Elements in human body-

                   It is very clear in every religion that it is made up of five elements. It is entirely true that the human body is a combination of five elements. The complete body is created by fire, water, soil, air and sky.The soul separates the four elements from us. All the elements appear in their own place by doing meditation. 

The water element appears as it goes towards the river in the form of a snake, and the Slowy-Slowy makes a feel of Human being absorbed in water. As it is

The fire element is burning in a snake variant. It looks like entering the fire. As it is

The Soil element appears as a snake in the earth. As it is


Looking at the wind’s symbolic element, it is absorbed into the air when looking at it. As
it is

After leaving these four elements, the sky appears to be contained in the sky.As it is



                   In the path of spirituality, a tree is experienced on this sergeant in Trikuti. It has three stages. There is a vision of an illuminated Jyot in this center of the tip. This wonderful combination is the symbol of the third eye.

From this tree, that is the meaning of the human body and the Jyot, the soul. Then there is something like this that the chopped half of the body is flying over the ups and downs. This proves that the soul is now able to get out of the body. The soul goes from spiritual circles to Sach Khand. The extreme part of the body-like tree reaches Sunn Samadhi.


The energy cycle-

                   There is a variety of different spiritual experiences through continuous practice of the seeker seated in the worship of Param Pita Parmeshwar. Spiritual power in the body through the wheel of the seeker, which becomes a cycle of energy around the body. This energy is full of every satisfaction of the body, so that the speed of the physical processes slows down. Experience is such that the soul sits on a circle. This cycle is actually an emblem of energy in the development. Energy is so much that the entire world appears to be small in the human soul. By which the desire of the soul can be seen by any great person.


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