Going to Prakash-

                   When the ura begins to grow, the light coming from the sky attempts to get the soul into the ray. As

The soul is seen in the path of a sadhu in that path. The attraction attracts the spirit of this great white cloth, white beard and neural face. It seems that all the light is coming from a Sadhu, but in reality the Sadhu is doing his duty. This light comes from the light. The work of this great person is to welcome every soul headed towards Sach Khand and to help him move forward by showing him the way. Sadhu tells the soul that his place is in the Sach Khand, not on the Matlok. As

Fly the soul into the universe-

                   After the completion of the body’s energy of the soul, the soul comes out of the body and starts flying in the universe. The river flown in the Brahmand perceives the waters of nature experiencing water from forests, mountains, and mesmerizes the nature of the doer. As

Dripping the energy from them goes further towards their destination. With this energetic power the soul sets its own journey stronger.

The soul begins to have spiritual experiences based on the deeds of past lives and devotion to the worship of God. In the spiritual path, there are the gurus, the saints, the saints, the deities of the deities, and the darshan of every religious place. In this journey, very attractive voices, echoes of words etc. are heard from sweet sorrows. All these things are seen by the Spirit in the universe. As

Atama with guru-

                   He is the true companion of the Guru with the help of the perfect Guru, who eliminates all the troubles coming on the way. Every path of the soul leads to Darshan. In the path of Spiritual journey in the heavens, very big spirits look like the peaks of the mountains which appear to be falling in the gurus.

For the understanding of the human brain, mountains are symbolized by objects of modern age. Likewise, the soul moves towards its destination by passing through the paths created by the guru.

Atama seen earth on sky-

                   Aries The Glance of the Earth Normal human beings always look up on the lips and the practicing souls look upwards. While attracting the Brahmand, the following attraction of the soul, enjoying the beautiful scenes of nature, sets out the path to Sach Khand. Never do such a thing to a human physically. It was seen that the area of ​​the Brahmanth is very large and the earth itself is a small part of the snow.

Darshan of Shivling-

                   Darshan of Shivling recruits the true food of the soul in the love of Param Atma Pita Parmatma. By continuing to practice continuously, the soul becomes powerful and the power to separate from the body. When the soul separates from the body and reaches the Brahmand, then the soul has a vision of siving. The Guru is with the soul. During shivlog Darshan one of the molasses comes from Shivling and falls on the neck of the soul. This is the girl of a spiritual vowel.As



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