Dedicated to the love-loving souls of Param Pita Parmatma


                  Dear readers, in this article we are describing some of the spiritual experiences of our life as words. It excludes worldly things and mentions spiritual journeys. To fulfill the real purpose of human life, it is very difficult to describe the horoscope of Param Pita Parmatma in love of God. But our effort to change is also a dedication to this article. From the beginning of the process in this article, a few experiments have been made to reach the spiritual phases and to reach Sachkhand. After walking on the path taught by the guru, after becoming a true believer after worshiping the Guru, the word “Sachkhand can be found and the Darshan of the Param Pita Parmatma (universe power).

The real purpose of human beings is to meet the human life after a long time after transferring eight million species of cigarettes to the soul. Those spirits who have little devotion and good deeds again get a human life. Mokasha who have received moksha come to earth by taking Avatar from time to time with the supreme Father God’s command and do the work of distributing knowledge of spirituality. As

The real purpose of human life is to worship the Param Pita Parmatma, to be able to see and absorb in Sachi Khand, Nauri Swaroop (image). In the human life, unbelieving souls fall into the cycle of birth and death of eightyenth births, which takes many thousands of years of enjoyment. Moksha can be obtained by good deeds and by devotional worship, with whom we can be free from the cycle of birth and death. Every religion testifies that the real purpose of human life is to recognize and absorb the Jyot. 

Need of guru-

                  The need of the Guru starts the work of bringing light in all kinds of journey from spirituality and darkness to spirituality, which is aware of all the ways of reaching Param Pita Parmatma and being absorbed in the Jyot. The obstacles coming to the seeker to reach Param Pita Parmatma leads to the door of Sachkhand while protecting the lords, attachments, and pride Ridhis and Sidhis from the Sidhis. The True Word of the Guru is the word, it never perishes. 


Contact of brain with soul-

                  The brain and brain contact is the brain in the human body that feels and saves the senses given by other sensory organs. You can re-retain any indication if needed. With proper contact of mind and spirit, we can feel every spiritual process of the soul. In the event of no contact with the
soul and brain the soul processes, but the brain does not record it. When the mind and the soul become concentrated during the Sadhna, the third eye is opened. Which makes knowledge of Khand Brahmand.


discovery of universal energy-

                  By continuing to practice the discovery of the light, when our focus starts to concentrate, we feel very proud of our body. The thoughts going on in the brain have ended slowly-slowly. The third eye is in the middle of both eyes and on the nose, it displays a light. As 

It is also called divine energy. This illumination does not prove directly to the person who has the perfect Guru, first comes to the Gurū and then the Guru puts it on his head. This light is absorbed in the practitioner’s body. This positive energy gives physical and mental satisfaction to the seeker.as-

When a person worships without a Guru, the light of the moon emerges directly from him. It is very difficult to bear this energy directly without the gurus. As a result, the mental balance of the facilitator can also worsen. Every religion testifies that without the complete Guru, it is very difficult to find Param Pita Parmatma.


The Spirit attracts the Light

                  The Spirit that walks on the spiritual path needs development. Just as the soul absorbs light from itself. So the  body soul’s ura grow  and the golden ball increase shine.As-


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