With the command of Param Pita Parmatma, the souls coming from three different places on this earth and born in human life. These souls fulfill their own goals.

(1)First of all, the souls who have reached the home of Param Pita Parmeshwar have already attained moksa by good deeds and devotion. These souls are born in the form of Avatars on earth, by the command of Param Pita Parmeshwar. In our life, the deeds of these souls are always giving¬† truth knowledge, pulling them out of the rituals and teaching them good deeds. That is why these souls are also known by Saint Mahamatam, Maha Puras, Gurus and many other names. Willingly deviated from our path, giving the Shabad Guru’s teachings and giving them the knowledge of walking on the path of truth. Similarly, by the company of these holy people, countless souls fulfill their youth goals by acquiring true knowledge. In such majestic worldly things, peace prevails and live a simple life with contentment and contentment. They never ask anyone for bad but they all ask for good. That is why they become saintly and virtuous. Fulfills the purpose of their lives and gets absorbed in the Jyot.

¬†(2)There are those souls from the second place that are born in human life that reached the first birth of Sachkhand, but due to a small reduction they could not get moksha. According to the laws of nature, they can not be sent to Churasi. So they are again given human life again. Those souls come to the earth and perform good deeds and associate themselves with the saints. Their attachment always stays towards the Param Pita Parmeshwar’s house. And fulfilling their shortcomings, doing the work according to the word given by the Guru, keeps on doing deeds and attains liberation. This link keeps on running until those souls get moksha, or they are eligible for a Churasi.

(3)The souls that came from the third place are those souls who are given the human life to be given the reward of their own accord according to their deeds. The habits of those souls are the same as that of Churasi. They take a human life and make their lives revived and are ready to take a human life again. After taking the human life again and again, the devotees get absorbed in devotion and reach the end moksha. Due to any mistake, those souls can get a Churiasi again.

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