Amrit Vele Da Hukamnama Sri Darbar Sahib, Amritsar, Date 20 September 2019 Ang 657

Raag Sorat’h, The Word Of Devotee Ravi Daas Jee: One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru: If I am bound by the noose of emotional attachment, then I shall bind You, Lord, with the bonds of love. Go ahead and try to escape, Lord; I have escaped by worshipping and adoring You. ||1|| O Lord, You know my love for You. Now, what will You do? ||1||Pause|| A fish is caught, cut up, and cooked it in many different ways. Bit by bit, it is eaten, but still, it does not forget the water. ||2|| The Lord, our King, is father to no one, except those who love Him. The veil of emotional attachment has been cast over the entire world, but it does not bother the Lord’s devotee. ||3|| Says Ravi Daas, my devotion to the One Lord is increasing; now, who can I tell this to? That which brought me to worship and adore You – I am still suffering that pain. ||4||2||


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