A grid is combination of stones.When a grid is set surrounding and do meditation then energy come from universe become double.Our Body Release this energy.Our body is activating and some cells are damage by harmful raditation, grid activate these cells. The negetive energy remain away from grade. Person absorb the energy in large amount in less time by using grade.

grid is set by two method-
(1) Pyramid Setup-
(2) Tower Setup-

List of the stones-
(1)Amethyst-It is most powerful stone which absorb and tranfer the energy in large amount.
Amethyst stone provide energy to crown chakra and crown chakra to all the body.



It is used for protection and control all the grade.





Agate are alvaliable in many quality and it is work as a wall.

(4)Black tormaline-

It is a black color stone and negetive energy remain away from grade with the help of this stone.





Way of charge the grade-Grade is charge by Mantra,singing bowl and meditation.
other way to charge the grade is, In purnima night grade’s stone are automatically charged.



Every stone weight is more then 500 gm (HALF kg).
A grade, Shri yantra, 7 currency coins and rudraksha mala is set in the home, Many advantage will be.


We can free from brain tension.
Continuous sleep in the grid,Human age will be increase and All the body cells are active.
Negative energy go away from home.
Person who live in grid,they have free from Harmful Radiation.
Continuous live in grade and do meditation then automatically our third eye open.


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