AMRIT KUND | Where is Amrit in universe?

Where is Amrit in universe-

 When the Earth came into existence in universe a thousand years ago then it was very hot. As the earth cooled down, the earth was considered very good planet in the whole Universe. Nature began to give birth to Maha Purshash (great soul) on this earth. There were seven Maha Purshas (great soul) and seven women who were came from other planet with amrit . Then life of this earth started by coming to these person.

 The Mahaprush (great soul), who came to this land, first saw the place for Amit. In the end, it was decided that Amit should be kept in a place where lava should not be came out from that land, an earthquake should not occur at that place. These conditions are that Amrit does not go into the lower layer of the Earth. Amit is mentioned in every Granth (Holy book). The ERA has changed. There is a great war between the ERA of Terta era and Raksha and human being.Due to this war, the Maharaja of Rashika (Maharaja Ravan) was killed and many rashakas were killed. After nearly half a century after the war ended, there was a family war that was not very big. They did not know each other from the same family. So this war happened. As a result, Remain two children Other family members were killed. Seeing the effect of this suffering and the soul of Rakshaa wandering, it was a very tired mother who, while still living in body form, knew about every action of the Universe. Mother prayed to the Supreme Spirit that if I told a path, then it was predicted that the mother’s family could rise with this indispensable, that Amit is on this earth only, and if you search for it, then it was for the first time that Amrit was searching. There were some Drops of Amrit sprinkle on the injuries of the Army.When the army got up, the great souls of the high ranked reached there and demanded Amrit but mother said that I can not give more amrit to anyone because amrit is very less qunatity. At the time of Kalyug, Guru Ramdas went to the research the Amrit ,At ending of kalyug, amrit allowed to drink all the Atama (soul). After drinking this Amrit, the soul will get the next path. Era will be chaniging at the end of kalyug , Guru Ramdas Ji brought Avtar in the seat of Guru Nanak. At that time, Rajni, daughter of the king of patti, took her husband and reached the court of Guru Ramdas Ji and made it further to Guru Ram Das that my husband was a Handicapped and how he became right, listening to the grace of Guru Ram Das ji Rajani After that Rajni’s husband was told that how did you become correct, he told that I had bathed in a pond with which my bitter got healed and I did not dry an finger in water. But it is the same as before. Guru Ram Das said that after accepting this, he also drowned in that water, Guru Ramdas Ji said that after reaching there, he drowned in the water and he also got healed. Guru Ram Das said to rajni he is your husband.


Harimandar Sahib

After that Guru Ramdas ji kept the name of Amit and the place was named Harimandar Sahib, Amritsar (Punjab) (India). Even today, the person who immerses in the habit of bathing and drinking the amrit they were free from any diseases.

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