We are giving you information about the era. How many era has  been constructed. First of all, this Karam was coming from Sach Khand. After this, after the prayer in some Maha Purshas of Sach Khand, the era of Yuga was over. The first era was Karam Yuga, whose time was 2crore 95 lakh 59 thound of 5 hundred years by nature. After that seven eras were leaked. The time was 2 lakh 75 thousand 380 years. Then came the era of tales. The period of which was 85 thousand 219 years. After that, the era of Dwapara came. Its time was 1lakh 25 thousand 750 years. It came from the after Kal Yuga, which was assumed to be 80 thousand 575 years. Karam Yuga ended with spending his full time. Again, the time has come. He was 8 years and 55 days away. So, the beginning of the age of thirtieth. The traits of the ages are still 30 years and 55 days still. Then the beginning of Kal Yug. Kaluag finished his full time on 25 August 2012. Then the period of time that was left of the sun began. Then after the Satyuga the remaining time of Tertayug era will last. After that, the rest of the period of the Dwapara era will continue. Only after this Dwapar era a new era will start.

Every time we talk to a person, every person says that is the Kaliyug. But today we will tell you about era on the basis of the things of the people, according to ANCIENT GRANTH,the Kaliyug was ended in 25- 8-2012.
At this time Mahaprush described it in different ways. As a pastor told in 2012 that the world is about to end but we have not seen anything on the ground, but in reality it was the spiritual world which was the end of the all-time world Found the next path.


25-08-2012 Time 9.21 A.M time was the end of the kaliyug . Kaliyug spent his full time running on 25-8-2012. At the conclusion of this era, a very big Maha Purshah sighed.
Upon the end of Kal Yug, Guru Ramdas Ji, for the degree of Amrit, which had ceased for thousands of years, was started by Guru Ram Das. He had knowledge of every religion of the entire dharma. With open kud opening, The soul which was entering the realm was not fit to enter the realm.
They started entering the next life (84 thousand species).
25-08-2012 9:22 At A.M, the era of Satya Yuga started in this era, which was seen in the world, which no one has seen. In this process, Faqir, Guru, Pir, Sant, Deities, Rishi Muni and Devya In the form of very high class, they too contributed in this way.
With this sort of thing did we experience?
Otherwise, 10 years ago, the spirit world had really enjoyed the people of this world. With this work there was a lot of change in people. Today we are not able to bow to the spiritual world 10 years ago, the spiritual world gets salvation The layer formed around the earth broke down, and the positive energy of the second planet started to fall on the earth and changes began to take place within the world.
There will be a great change in the world in the near future. Kalayuga will end his time and Kal Yuga will not return. Gautam Rakhi Ji ended Satyaga 8 years and 5 days before the Satyuga was going on.


p style=”text-align: justify;”>Tertayug was closed 30 years 55 days ago. 30 years to 55 years of age was remain.
dwaparyuga was starting but this yug remain 13 Month, and the Kalyug was started. According to the laws of nature, every era should be given full time. These are the laws of nature. Now, on 25-08-2012 time, at 9.22AM Saturn began and it will be old according to his time, after which, the survival of theTertayug will be followed, after which the Dwaparyug will run. New era will run after these era. Until the last period is left. Until then, a new epoch will not last. Nearly 13 month old no new era will start. Due to these era of change, there is a lot of misery in the world People of the world will come out of the holy Gurus and go to the Shabad Guru. Only the common people will go near God, and the more and more of them will be the basis of the world.

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